Yacht support

YMG Yacht Support Services

With 15 Years Yachting Experience we learned
that Yacht Owners do not want to be managed.

Owners are looking for specific support and services and a cost efficient way
to keep the Yacht in best conditions to enjoy the time on board and to get out the best possible price when it comes to the point to sell the Yacht.

With our Yacht support Services we guarantee both and our clients mostly

safe up to 50 % of the yearly Yacht running costs.

How does it work ?

It is a simple process !

Our Team will check your current running costs.

Our Technical Manager will check your Yacht and we have an overview

about the current technical status.

Than we will arrange a meeting with you to discuss in detail

where you can safe money in the future.

Yachts running under our full management support system are always

well maintained and ready to go with our tailormade

PLANNED MAINTENANCE SYSTEM that will be used by your Crew.

In the Management Start UP Period we personally join your Yacht
to train your new Crew to match exactly your demands.

Our Partner Company YMG Secsafe LtD. is specialised on
ISM / Mini ISM

for commercial Yachts over 24m or more than 500gt

Please send us any questions or arrange an appointment for a personal meeting.

+45 514 964 57